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Butter Cup

As the daffodils bloom 

So does the Trust

You have come to earn

Life has not been easy, Sometimes evading

Younger years we have come to yearn

The past is where it should be

For there is no future in our past

As the flower blooms, our future unfolds

Opening a great sense of relief

The emotional depth of Honesty

 far exceeds

The greatest imaginable dream

Open communication has lead the path

And our inhibitions have tumbled

We no longer rationalize 

our phoniness into nobility

Nor Superficial Relationships

We are a gift of God

We are no longer the  Narcissus

Belonging to the bulb

But a beautiful flower

Of Life and New Hope 

which the daffodil holds

Written By JJ
July 2, 2001
Copy Write 2001
All Rights Reserved

Dedicated to a Very Special Person

No Need to mention Names

You know who you  are


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