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And as we travel through life 
It is the Falls...
that make us remember the Good.

What is Life

The Dawn of a new Day rises
It covers the Land in a Shroud
This takes but only minutes to remove
Man has awakened

What is the transformation that takes place
The mixture of all those good and bad
They all strive to gain their piece of ground
Not one stops to see the hurt being done

Greed is but one pawn of many
As the day grows to its height and peaks
Those who succeed smile upon their gain
Little do they see of those who were lost in their wake

The shadows of the longing day cast themselves
This is the Shroud that protects the weak and lost
But is only for a short time thus night becomes

Those all powerful at this time lose all 
Their Heart is given to satisfy their need
They only see continued gain at the destruction of the timid
For as night becomes complete and oh so dark

Those of good will stand to face the rise of the dawn
their souls still wanting that peace within
Knowing of the greed around and wanting none
With peace in mind again they face the rising Sun


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