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Taken By The Sea

The beach has always
Been my place to come
When I needed to think
Clear my thoughts
Or get peace

Each time I come
I am amazed at the
Beauty and power of the Sea
You can feel her power
As the waves crash against the surf
You can see her intimidating beauty
Just by her sheer size and depth
And the way the sun reflects on her

The events in my life
And the heartache of a
Recent lost love
Have brought me to my spot
More than ever before

Each time I come
I sit in the same place
Close, but not in, the surf
Feet buried in the sand
Kissed by the waves
As the tides rolls in

The cracking of the breakers
The flight of the gulls
Looking for food
The soft breeze off the ocean
And the heavy smell of salt water
Fill my senses
With comfortable thoughts
And tranquillity

 As I sit in the tranquillity
The Beauty of the Sea
It gives me peace
Gives me comfort
As though She talks to me

This day however
The Sea was different
The air thicker
And so much larger than usual
And the tide
She dared to come in
Much closer than ever before

I moved to my place in the sand
The water already
Moved beyond my almost ever-present
Indentation left by my previous visits
Today the Sea was different
I could feel tension
And conflict

I could feel
She had a need to erupt
To move beyond the calm and
She appeared to have something
Something deep within her
That needed to surface


In that instant
The skies darkened
Clouds black with fury
And red with anger
Filled the sky
Sea winds rushed to the shore
Waves taller than buildings
Just appeared
One after another


The skies cracked
With rods of light
Striking the horizon
In a constant display
Of awesome energy


Then the rains came
I was frozen in place
I had never seen
Such a massive downpour
Of rock sized water balls


The Sea
She has brought the pain
Deep within her to the surface
In a display of
Fire and brimstone
I have never seen before


There was something in the air
I could feel a connection with the sea
She seemed to be talking to me
Wanting me to know what this was all about
Wanting me to feel her pain
In fact
, I could feel her pain
I too know about
The turmoil and the conflict deep inside


And then without notice

She took me
The massive waves
Crashed against the beach
There was no place for me to go
I was taken by the Sea


The storm ended
Almost as quickly as it came
I could feel a connection with the Sea
And for a brief moment
Share her pain
And I understood


The calm returned
The Sea she settled
The gulls returned
The lovers and romantics
Came out to enjoy
The peacefulness that
Comes after a storm at sea
The skies beautiful with
Vibrant colors of red and orange
As the twilight sun
Cracked through the storm cloud

 My spot in the sand
Had been washed completely
There was no trace
As if I had never been there

But the Sea and I know
We were connected
For that brief moment in time
I experienced her beauty
Was in awe by her power
I could feel her pain
We touched as if one
For such a long time
I looked to the beach
For comfort and answers
I have come here
For so long dreaming
And looking for peace
Now I know
I will forever have
Peace with the Sea

Written by DAR  
  aka  crystar 
June 28, 2000

especially for Tammy, sea girl
my true inspiration

copyright 2000 
all rights reserved

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